Monday, 2 August 2010


There is a camera crew outside my window.
If you have been in Fitzroy over the last few months you'll have seen a filming unit and their trucks taking over whole streets. It's a new TV series called 'Offspring' and they are intending to do to Fitzroy what 'Secret Life of Us' did to St Kilda. Ha!

Thanks to everyone who popped in over the last few days and sorry to all those people who tried to batter down the shop door yesterday- but we aren't one of those shops that are open seven days a week. 

I've had to stay home this morning as the electricity meter was being upgraded to 'smart'. It took three blokes to fit it- the young electrician, his apprentice and an overseerand Jethro was very excited to have three tradies to play with. Now I'm waiting on the man from the bank to deliver another eftpos handset to take to Sydney- the usual time frame of anywhere between 9am and 1pm.....

Now as you know I am heading up to Sydney next week to participate in the Young Blood Designer Market and if there are any people out there who are intending to come and have stock suggestions of what they might like me to bring please leave a comment. I am going through the brain twisting gut wrenching process of trying to figure out if what sells here sells there. And how much stock to take for three days trading. And what if I forget something. And just what I need to take. And how I will fit it all in. And.... you get it all I'm sure!

So glove dyeing is on the cards for today and I need to sort out the new postcard design and get it to the printer and do some other errands this afternoon- wish me luck I can cram it all in!


  1. Well I'm not going to be in Sydney but when I was in Byron and Bangalow last year I could have sold the tea towel skirt I was wearing many times over - and lots of the enquiry was from Bangalow shop keepers....

  2. I'd like my September 25th dress to be ready.
    See I can be polite.


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