Wednesday, 25 August 2010

like a poodle in an op shop

Somedays it all seems too much.
Somedays you feel like you are a wonky-eyed crocheted poodle sitting in an op shop waiting to be adopted.
Thought my head might explode this evening. It's worn off now, less splat, more tired.
It's been a busy month and it's time for a bit of R and R. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, a bit of op shopping, some good fresh food and maybe a bit of 'art play'. 
The house is a mess, the studio is a pigsty and I'm leaving it all as it is and running away. Hopefully the House Elves will clean up and building a massive store room/garage out the back by the time I get home.


  1. Did you buy that poodle? Can you buy it for me? I'll pay you back. I want that poodle.

  2. I happen to know some House Elves.

    Alas, I do not have a key.


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