Monday, 9 August 2010

car mad dad

It's absolutely chopping Dad up to lend me the Volvo station wagon.

I hot footed it up to Romsey to make the car swap this morning and he had to take me through the ins-and-outs of the burgundy Volvo's quirks ('this light will come on if you do this but just ignore that, if this light comes on press this button, the aerial motor is broken so don't use the radio, I never do anyway....' etc). Having a car proud father has been both a burden and a boon. 
I'm sure I'm going to get back to a bollocking about the state of my little Nissan Pulsar, which I have left up at Romsey for a little holiday. I'll miss its zippiness, it loves the open road, but the Volvo I must say has a bit of grunt and seems to enjoy stretching its tires. And the station wagon aspect..... let's see how much of the Cottage I can roadtrip to Sydney!



  1. If any Postage Belts demand to be taken to Sydney, you are welcome to stash them in the glove compartment!

  2. i visit your lovely shop every time i'm in melbourne. looking forward to seeing your stash at the powerhouse on the weekend. :)

  3. Have a great trip!
    Will bring that Girls'Chrystal into the Cottage for a lend when I have a free Friday or Saturday.

  4. and how much of Sydney you can stuff back in the wagon. what kind of music do volvo cars like?


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