Thursday, 19 August 2010


So my day has involved rubber dental dams, drilling and packing and more antibiotics and planning for a root canal and a serious-but-not-root-canal-filling in the not too distant future....
Oh well.
And the little Nissan Pulsar has had to go in for major surgery.
And now I have a chest infection happening.
Oh- freaking- well.
Perhaps a cross between overwork, heaps of driving, being stuck in air-conditioned hell for four days, getting wet, hot, sweaty and running around too much. I think the body has finally given up......
I'm ready for a real break, a mini holiday, absolutely packed full of fresh air and afternoon naps.
But to get there I will have to sort out all the boxes and bags that I have lugged inside, and do a bit of work at the studio to tide us over for a week or two.
Miss Magnolia is in flower, though, and looking beautiful. Pink and white against the grey of a late winter sky. She knows how to put on a grand show.

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