Saturday, 7 August 2010

found object

How quickly the Saturdays roll round.
I woke this morning and had to think hard what day of the week it was and what routine I needed to click into. I've done my Saturday errands (plus a few others) and am sitting in front of the computer with Babka raspberry danish and bucket of tea. 
Tomorrow there is a full day planned (no lolling about sadly) and I need to spend some time trying to sort storage for boxes of bags and bags of cushions- we seem to have them stashed everywhere at the moment and you have to be exceedingly careful opening the doors to the storage cupboards in the shop! While I was at the studio this morning I was thinking that everyone needs a Dorian Grey attic in their lives (both metaphorically and physically!) somewhere to shove all the stuff you don't need right this minute. This thought was brought on because I've had to clean out the laundry at the old home on Brunswick Street this week (I moved out two and a half years ago but....). Most of what was in there went into the bin but a carload went up to the studio where it now sits cluttering up what was an 'empty' area. After the last few weeks furious making, the studio looks like a bomb has hit it but I don't have the time or energy to do anything about it before I go to Sydney. Not looking forward to that job when I get back.
I really think hoarding is a necessary part of the type of making I do. You never know when something is going to come in useful and often you need to purposefully hoard/collect before you start actually thinking about making. It stews and festers away in the back of you brain, you 'make' it a thousand times before you ever lift your scissors or turn on the sewing machine.
If you want to see the fruition of a hoarder's imagination then pop into Craft Vic's exhibition  as part of Craft Cubed- Jenny Bartholomew (Ben's mum) has created a fabulous installation and Ben even gets a starring roll in a little video (very cute), Jen's ability to repurpose is just amazing, recycling at its most imaginative. I do love a 'found object'.

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