Saturday, 11 April 2009

satadi moaning*

* Gotta say it with an Australian accent.

Have spent this morning bumbling around.
Getting the papers. Avoiding Babka.
Trying to stop Jethro from going over the wall at Stalag Gertrude 67. He only does this on a Saturday Morning. Trying to wear him out by playing bouncy ball in the shop, the concrete floors make for excellent slip-and-slide but sadly I think it might be me that needs to go back to bed. He's still got a large amount of kitten in him and his vertical jump and twists are something to behold. I am constantly amazed by his leaps and bounds and how he can seem to hang in the air, for what seems like an age, before he lands.
The shop's open today but I'm not expecting a big one. A long lazy holiday weekend. Really I'd still be in bed now if I didn't have a shop to open.

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