Monday, 13 April 2009

cat on a string

It's been a quiet Easter. 
A few days in the studio, a day in shop and a day mooching around the house getting gloves dyed, doing the washing, training Jethro to wear a bright red kitten harness.
On Thunder-and-Lightening Friday he managed to get through the screen door, evade Elise and run out on the street, so after having a chat with the vet girls, I decided we'd give a harness a go as a training tool. Jethro is a strange cat (as Elise said she isn't sure whether he's a complete dud or brilliant- there is a fine line) what with his love of sitting under the sink tap while it's on- and I do mean ON-, sleeping in the washing machine, biting but not scratching, combing my hair with his claws and agreeing to wearing the little red harness without much of a struggle. Well, we'll see if it helps with his run-away tendencies........ Wish he'd calm down just a bit..... Had to rescue him from next door yesterday when he climbed the fence and got stuck on the top of a high brick wall..... Funnily enough when I opened the back gate he decided it was all to overwhelming and just sat right on the threshold, it took him a while to venture out- perverse little kitty!

I've got another couple of days free in the studio so I'm hoping to clear up a heap of work. There is so much still to do and I'm still not feeling like I'm getting as much done as I need to. Where does the time go?

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