Friday, 17 April 2009


Sorry about the lack of posts this week. A mixture of busy, no interesting photos and a general lack of time and energy.
Today I had a visit from young Amory and we had a little photo-shoot. Amory, quilted tea-towels and a scout cushion........ product and cuteness- the perfect combo. Later Amory sucked my nose, according to his mother an 'Amory-kiss'- I have to say...... a very strange sensation. 
I've managed to get the new wool/cashmere skirts into store and am hoping that the new wool jackets will be ready next week. Everything at the moment is black, black or black but there are some colours on the way- stay tuned!
Today also involved 'dumpster diving' for a new batch of tea-towels and managed to score a few doilies, embroidered and crocheted. The studio looks like it has been ransacked by the Mongol Hordes in search of the Golden Tea-towel. Fabric from one end to the other. I always distrust a  clean and ordered studio, it means no work is underway, but really things are getting a little ridiculous. Every now and then I have a fantasy about having a HUGE studio sale and just getting rid of everything..... don't get excited, you'll be the first to know if I ever decide to do it!
So hopefully next week I'll get a chance to get more stock in store. Remember we have our lovely angora fingerless gloves in a rainbow of colours, perfect for this time of the year when heavy coats and woolens are just too much.
Oh and don't forget tomorrow (Saturday) is International Independent Record Store Day! Head down to my favourite recorded music shop Polyester Records and get served by guest sales staff and get the warm and fuzzy glow of knowing that 20% of proceeds for the day will go to the Cancer Council. Check the website for the list of stars, when and where. 



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