Tuesday, 21 April 2009

autumn days

For the last few weeks the days have been autumnal clear blue skies. 
Not a cloud and amber light.
A time of the year that is slightly melancholic for me.
But very beautiful.
They said that the scorching hot weather may mean no autumn colour in the the leaves but there have been intense dark reds, bordering on black, to be seen on the trees in Fitzroy. I am glad. 

Still a ton of work to do but I have the first batch of black wool jackets ready- except for the damn buttons! They won't dye black enough and I'm itching to get them sewn on the jackets and in store asap. There is always a little hiccup along the way.
I had a pile of things I was going to write about but I'm bone weary tonight and my brain has stopped working. I think it might be time for bed and book. 

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  1. Enjoy your autumn, hopefully this season is kinder to Victoria than the last. Spring out here and warm weather - so welcome! I hope it stays this way.


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