Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Studio work  is just not happening the way I would like it to at the moment. My sciatic nerve is shooting pain through the top of my leg (well actually my buttock to be precise- sorry) and it's making it hard to think. No, my brain is not in my bum, but the pain is distracting. I'm feeling under the pump and stressed anyway so not getting as far with things as I would like is driving me insane. The weather has of course spun around to cold and rainy and we have next to no winter stock ready yet. As you can tell, a grumpy little fruitcake here.

On the upside the new batch of pianola lampshades are in and, finally, we have vintage and antique wooden lampbases to go with our shades. They are old ones that I've had completely re-wired and buffed up with some lovely Tinderbox furniture wax (thanks Nik for putting me on to that one!).

Winter clothing-wise the lovely cashmere/wool Dora pants are in, only in black at the moment. In fact much of winter looks like it is going to be black. Well we are in Melbourne.....

We'll be closed on Good Friday but will be open on Easter Saturday, if you are in town come visit.

I think my Indian take-away might be ready soon so I'll sign off and pop down the street to pick it up. I've been in a bit of a dhal mood of late and the place down the road makes their own paneer so I'm in Hindi-heaven. I know I should be cooking it myself but too many other things to do!


  1. ouch - poor you. i deeply sympathise with the back pain and sciatica - if you have a disc problem i can recommend an excellent chiropractor who specialises in dodgy discs and who i think has fixed mine (fingers crossed)
    in the meantime - nurofen + panadeine at bedtime helps.

    and chocolate :)

  2. Hope you feel better soon Pen! Take it easy and remember to pace yourself. xxx

  3. home made paneer, fresh you say...
    WHERE WHERE WHERE and how quickly can I get down there.


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