Monday, 6 April 2009

the one where i feel old!

It's a sure thing that when the 13 year old emails you to let you know she now has a blog, and you read it and feel excited and proud and overwhelmed and very very impressed and laughed fit to burst, that you know she's grown up and therefore you are now officially OLD.
So go check it out- Lily and Larry (who I should explain is an imaginary badger). God-damn 13 year olds- too cool by half!


  1. is that old or cold... or a combination of both, they do so go hand in rheumatoid hand.

  2. i went, i read and laffed myself of my stool.
    bloody hell though
    you're right
    now i feel bloody old

  3. well, i'm feeling overwhelmed.
    that is one spunk-of-a-Badger!!!


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