Saturday, 25 April 2009

from the hearts of children

One last post for Anzac day.
Last year I wrote about The Nephews going off to France for the services at Villers-Bretoneux and the story behind Australia's ties to that little town. On the cover of today's The Weekend Australian was a lovely story

There is a school in V-B that was rebuilt when, after the First World War, the children of Victoria each donated a penny. Every child. A single penny. 

This school is the EcĂ´le Victoria, situated on Rue de Victoria, around the corner from Rue de Melbourne. 
The children of the school are now raising money for the children of the bushfires in Victoria who have lost their schools. 

'"We have not forgotten the Australians."
That is the simple message of Pauline Lefebore, 10, who beams with pride as she tells how she and her classmates in the French village are keeping a promise made long before they were born.
"You always have to keep your promises" says Pauline's friend, Cecile.'

Sometimes something very good comes from something so very bad.


  1. dear pen, thankyou for your string of lovely Anzac posts. They have been moving and really lovely. I looked at my mother holding my baby boy and heard her whisper 'I hope you never have to go off and fight in some war'. Lest we forget indeed - Ramona

  2. Brilliant story. We need more like that these days!


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