Thursday, 23 April 2009

hey, hey, it's the carlow cash and carry sale!

Two floors at Carlow House in Flinder's Lane have got together and are having a studio sale. 
Or rather each of the studios are having their own sale on the same days. 
Does that make any sense?
You know what I mean! 
They want you to turn up, give them your Rudd Bonus and they will give you lovely hand-made things in return. 
Remember the Government wants you to spend money!


  1. it's so great to finally be given permission for retail therapy - and the money to engage in it.
    it may be a cynical vote winner but who's complaining - we'll see you at the sale!

  2. Thanks Pen, it wasn't so great, but thats what you get for not paying attention to the date and having it fall on ANZAC day... :) next time...


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