Saturday, 15 November 2008

yes virginia, it's xx days 'til xmas

Have totally given in to Xmas.

This is the shop Xmas tree. Yes it is a ladder but the shape is right and it's made of wood.
It's a bit hard to see (and I'll post pictures later if I can get some good ones done) but check out the decorations! Remember back in about August when I did the doily window and everyone wanted to by the stiffened doilies? Well the Xmas decs are crochet stiffened cotton. We have snowflakes, singularly or in strings, balls and even tree toppers! Love them!

And there's handmade garlands made from vintage buttons that you can wind around the tree, twist to make a table centre piece, just hang on the wall or a window or drape along a mantlepiece.

The divine Madame du Barry, whilst in confinement in her chateau, has run up some cards for us. The images are from a box of vintage Xmas decorations. Photos don't do justice to show how lovely these cards are. It's taken all year to find an image and we were very excited when we realised this one was just perfect. Good things come to those that wait (and let me tell you I've been waiting.....).

And I'll be getting more vintage decorations out today.
Hurry- first in has the best dressed tree!

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