Friday, 21 November 2008

get thee to an op-shop

After my moan about Tuesday's lack of op-shoppery I headed off to the Mother-of-All-Op-Shops to see what they had collected for me. My timing has been out all year and if I hear 'oh you just missed a batch, we packed it yesterday', I'm going to scream. 
But it was a good scarf haul and I managed a few tea-towels (hee hee). Also someone's whole collection of knitted (yes knitted) doilies, which I might try to photograph at some stage over the weekend. They all look like 'ring shawl' patterns to me. 
I thought I'd share with you the tea-towel above. As soon as I saw it I thought 'I have to make it into a cushion for our favourite political pundit'. It is now a cushion and hopefully this afternoon I'll get to give it to Amory's father, along with presents for Duff Junior himself and huge hugs for Amory's mum. Andrea, Cam and Amory are back in the country after 3+years in Canadia. Hooray! 

Now the thing about this tea-towel could probably be best summed up by the old saying 'a week is a long time in politics'. 

Not so long ago this man won an election (well a year ago but it seems like less) and now he has been relegated to the op-shop. 
The op-shop is a great leveler. 
How fickle is the souvenir tea-towel trade! 
Is this the fate of all the great Obamacraft that was around a few short weeks ago?


  1. There is some deep-ass zen wisdom in teatoweldom, alright.

    I saw someone on the net tonight making slippers out of them.

  2. I've only recently begun to appreciate teatowels, ever since I got an Alice in Wonderland one. Yours are cool!


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