Tuesday, 18 November 2008

highs and lows

Today was one of those that starts well but somehow goes a bit awry.
The new batch of shibori lampshades arrived. (High.)
I ventured across the river to Malvern to visit Kim in her lovely new shop, Claude the Bird, in King's Arcade. She has a lovely branch with bird's nest in the window. We chatted and laughed and I managed to leave things behind and had to go back to visit to pick stuff up. (High.)
Decided to do a little bit of opping whilst I was out and about. Atrocious. Not a god damn thing. Chose all the wrong places to try and my heart was just not in it. I was feeling dizzy and dragging myself about. I drove in the wrong direction. I got to shops that were closed on a Tuesday. It was as if my in-built sat-nav was kaput and my gold medal championship winning op-shopping skills were rusty. (Low. Low. Low.)
I'm hoping that the thrifting gods are giving me a bad time because I'm about to hit the op jackpot. (Hoping.)
Or maybe I'm suffering from an attack of hayfever or a 'summer' cold, as I'm feeling creaky and sneezy (and I don't mean two of the seven dwarves). (Haha.)

1 comment:

  1. the lights are definately
    a high light
    sorry but at least I did try to elicit a chuckle, in the face of the op shopping gods defiance.
    heres hoping that the sniffles dissapear with the same rapidity as the thrifting jeackpot appears.
    xxx beck


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