Tuesday, 25 November 2008

ground control to major thom

This is Amory Cormac Duff upon hearing that he'd been upstaged by the (fashionably late)arrival of Ramona and Alan's Thomas. Amory is only 9 weeks old but a week's a long time in infant politics (I've gotta stop all this politicking..... Rudd getting posted twice in one week...).
Although I think the tears were actually because Amory just doesn't like me. He's had a hectic couple of weeks the poor little tacker, he's racked up more frequent flyer points than most of us would in 10 years. 
Let's hope Thomas settles in to his new home and appreciates all the crafty goodness his gorgeous mum will shower on him. Born at 7.45am 24th of November............. phew I think he's the last of the bubs for this year.......... and all boys!

(As you can see in the background, Amory chose a metrosexual lavender sock monkey as his childhood companion.)


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