Friday, 28 November 2008

i op there for i am

Some days you just get in the car and end up miles from home (studio).
It was unintentional, kind of, sort of.
I've been noticing that so many op shops these days have been cleaned up (and out) and they don't have the same atmosphere (smell). They have new carpets, less stock and high prices.
Then I pulled into the carpark of this one. A tin shed. Walk inside and enter an old-skool op shop. Perfect. I didn't score a huge amount, I don't check clothing as it isn't what I'm interested, but I managed to find a great glass container (that I managed to break within a minute of getting home- bloody concrete floor!), a couple of books and an armful of doilies. Really it was just the joy of stumbling across an honest oppy.
As I looped back between Melton and Gisbourne I came across this little chap ambling along. He almost tried to cross the road, I came to a stop as he got to the gutter, pulled in and put the hazard lights on. He almost caught it when a car overtook me but they noticed him in time, he did a u-turn and headed back up the slope. I love echidnas.

So much to do at the moment. The feeling of panic is beginning to get overwhelming. I'm shop-girl tomorrow and on Sunday I'm helping out Mr Porcelain at the Melbourne Design Market. Don't know how that happened- oops! At the moment it's the choice of which job to do first. I spent an 'exciting' Friday night mopping the shop floor and working on a new product (stay tuned, in store tomorrow hopefully), making purses and getting work ready for the exhibition...........


  1. So very much to do. So little time. It's the hallmark of the Silly Season, which I think is officially upon us.

    I dropped my good frypan on the kitchen floor 2 nights ago. It's now a very strange shape.

    Echnidnas are the best. Well, next to wombats. They're my most favourite of all.

  2. Oh! I'd love to see an echidna. They look very cool.


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