Monday, 17 November 2008

i has bean

Mmmmm- homegrown broad beans.
They were a pressie. Mmmmmm.
Why is it that I don't mind cleaning the house on a Monday evening but cleaning on a Sunday is anathema?
Managed to get 2 cardis and 2 jumpers washed, boxed up a whole pile of afghan rugs and winter stuff so I can store it away, scoured the house for newspapers and recycling, 1/2 cleaned the kitchen (haha), wrote a pile of emails, put washing on, sorted the car out, made some dinner, all in about 1 hour..... weird. Perhaps I should never attempt any cleaning on a Sunday. I still have a mess of a house but I feel a little virtuous. I think (touch wood) I'm about to do a job on the piles of paperwork. Procrastinator Supreme but maybe this time I'll get a handle on the 'office' side of life. I will have to sort out some horizontal surfaces first, just to make room.
Perhaps I'm trying to make some order because Andrea, Cam and the Duff junior are due to arrive anytime and Andrea will definitely enjoy laughing at my mess. (Cam gets a bit twitchy about my disorder I know!)
Note to self- never attempt cleaning on a Sunday.

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  1. oh lordy those beans look delicious, nothing beats a broad bean except maybe freshly cooked edamame, but that's another story.
    and dont worry about the mess, just say its the direct converse of your super sharp and ordered mind...
    and see if that fools them any.


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