Saturday, 8 November 2008

thief in the night

I had to laugh when I went downstairs last night and noticed that someone had nicked one of the lengths of bunting from outside the shop. They had been there earlier in the afternoon when Gale had been in collecting stock and she'd asked me if how long it had been up and whether anyone had tried to steal it. I said to her at the time she'd just jinxed it, considering that it had been hanging there since Easter and no one had tried.
I must have noticed not long after it was taken and I wondered if someone had pulled it down and chucked it on the ground but, no, can't find it anywhere so I'm hoping they stole it because they liked it and took it home rather than just being destructive.
Just to put the wind up me, newspapers and TV started the '45 days 'til Xmas and counting' mantra yesterday. Like I'd normally care....... however now I must care as we've just had a pile of stock go out and I need to build stock levels up again. This is the biggest -and scariest -thing when you are a maker/wholesaler/retailer, just keeping on top of it all. One more day of RMIT marking and I'm free to spend as much time as I can scrape together in the studio. Once I'm in there working I'll be complaining that I'm stuck there.................

*Bunting update! 
Strangely, as the bunting was in one continuous piece, the thief CUT OFF only half and left the rest. I would have thought they could just have pulled the whole thing down........ maybe they only wanted 4 metres........... seriously trippy.


  1. We were there shopping yesterday (I bought one of your clocks) but we didn't take it ahhaha!

  2. I love that bunting, it was the first thing I noticed about your lovely shop as I walked down Gertrude St... Funny they thought to bring scissors! Maybe they are a little crafty?

  3. suggests to me that Bunting Bandit was a girl.

    A boy would have just yanked the lot down and taken off. Only a girl would take what they want/need and leave the rest for you.

    Kind of cute, in an annoying sort of way.


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