Wednesday, 26 November 2008

brown paper packages tied up in string

I love getting mail (except bills) and I especially love getting packages, which is why I love sending parcels. I love the thought of someone at the other end being just as excited as me when the mail arrives. One of these parcels is off to Sydney containing a faux-tache and the other is flying off to the UK- a winter care parcel for someone from the Antipodes.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to do a bit of a shop update. I've been pushing s**t uphill lately. Barely getting 1/2 a day in the studio if I'm lucky and too much to do. Fingers crossed I'll get there. Where? Xmas of course!

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  1. I only just found this post - the goosechase continues, but now I have a secret weapon... my boy is going to help me get to the Royal Mail Office to track down this parcel. I don't like the idea of posties wolfing down my care package! I love brown paper packages, very Sound of Musix (-:


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