Thursday, 6 November 2008

surfeit of media sluttage

It's been a busy day here at the Cottage. 
The most exciting thing is Miss Bianca's article in the Melbourne Leader newspaper. It's all about the Toy Society (and if you look really closely that's me in the picture above) and I'm so excited for the TS founder/ruler/matriarch/queen. May she succeed in her plans for World Domination- mwhahahaha! Bianca Rules!!
And back to me- again- Something's Hiding in Here Faux-taches were written up on MichiGirl today. (And yes that's our beloved Dell in the photo- beer in hand- actually it's the same photo I posted on the blog last week so you've all seen it but visit Michi anyway and if you aren't a subscriber sign up to get the daily email.)
So yeah lots of media slutting around here (and more to come apparently........... I'll keep you posted when it happens........)


  1. Hoorah for media sluts. Hoorah for fake mos.

  2. Dear Media Slut,

    I do like your new banner.

  3. thanks - I thought no one had noticed...............

  4. thanks - I thought no one had noticed...............


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