Saturday, 27 September 2008

the yo-yo theory of retail

This week has been particularly shocking at the Cottage. A mixture of school holidays, the Show (haha), Grand Final Week and Mercury in Retrograde (well that's what I'm putting it down to as there is no better reason).
My Retail Gurus tell me to not worry, although I am opting for the 'Ostrich Theory of Business', because this always happens at the end of winter/start of spring. I know that but I have nothing to compare it to, I must remember to write in the diary for next year across the month of September 'DON'T PANIC!'.
So with downs there is ups- and the up of this week is these beauties. Handmade yo-yos!

As you know with Cottage Industry 99% of stock is our own label wares and we only stock other stuff if we absolutely love it and feel that it fits in with the whole feel. Take Coconut Lu's vintage button range- perfect!
Now the Cottage has Ben and Natalie's handmade yo-yos. They live in Oregon, they make stuff (see picture below) - perfect!
The yo-yos are made from sections of branch, in this batch white birch from Wisconsin, white birch from Rhode Island (they are different, nature is amazing), red birch, cherry and a mystery wood (so if you are an arborist please come in and tell us what it is). They have coloured yo-yo strings and spin beautifully! I had two in my bag yesterday and was having a strange day in the studio and ended spending a mediative 5 minutes flickin' a yo-yo. It made me smile, relax and zone out- the latest meditation craze- you heard it here first!


  1. Oh my lord they are possibly the most beautiful things i have EVER seen!And it's true - September is an evil month for retail so just ignore it and wait for the Oct/Nov rush (promise!)

  2. right back atcha and right on board baz's comments, September is a massive dud, a great month for making stock even though you'll feel crazy as you watch it pile up while nothing moves in the store, believe me by mid october you'll be wishing you'd taken more advantage of all those sloooooooow days!!!
    and really, a wooden yo-yo, life could not be more perfect.

  3. Ah, the Zen of YoYo spinning.

    I remember it well.


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