Tuesday, 23 September 2008

fab fabric

I did some 'dumpster diving' for fabric today.
The 'Mother of All Op-Shops' is running low these days and in her great wisdom has quintupled her prices in under 8 months. This has not made me happy. In fact huge spanner would be how I am feeling at the moment. 
I did get the piece above. Cut moquette in lolly pink (photo is a bit washed out), cream and black on a natural background- and the design is BIG- and crazy, and I am tempted to make a big pouffé out of some of it, it would be hilarious (and quite possibly unsellable!)

I did also pick up, elsewhere, some linen for bags. It was late in the afternoon in the studio,when I took these shots so excuse the somewhat strange hue. I love Sanderson linens, they are so evocative of a time and place.
Hell, I'm a textile designer, watch go weak at the knees and wax lyrical about a bit of fabric!
There's a piece of linen I'm lusting after. 1930s narrow width with the most exquisite design.... when I win Powerball!

In fact, everything at the moment is 'when I win Powerball'. I've gone into one of my dejected states. It's one of those times when the flow of money, ideas, time, energy, etc is not in sync and I'm feeling slightly harassed and not knowing what to do first or last or in-between. Strange because yesterday was relatively productive. Today  though was all topsy and stop-start.
And I managed to leave a whole pile of stuff that I needed at home. If anyone says the 'L' * word I'll head-butt them!

*Lists- I hate them. I can't understand the whole moving of unfinished list components on to a new list. They would just taunt me, reminding me that they were on another list, unfinished.... I also think that instead of sitting there writing a list I could be working on something, getting something finished. Lists- phwwwht!


  1. I would have thought that hilarious is saleable, by definition.

    Or perhaps i just don't take myself seriously enough.

  2. couldnt agree more - in fact the more I think about it the more hilarious it is, and therefore the more I want it...
    and dont worry about the slump, we all get them, and usually just before we are inundated with a gazillion new ideas and new jobs so we can't get enough of them done!
    and the list thing, I LOVE to make a list but really do think there is something quite odd about transferring items from one to another, I thought you just wrote the list to make you feel as though you'd done something, anything toward getting things done, not take them literally as things you are actually going to achieve...
    or perhaps that's just me.
    and that blue background white flower linen is completely dreamy.


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