Tuesday, 23 September 2008

the truman (capote) show

I've been meaning to scan this image for a while but I kept leaving it attached to the studio wall. I remembered to bring it home with me today though!

It came from an article in a magazine (can't remember which) about living rooms of the rich and/or famous. Wonderful 60s interior shots and cool Palm Springs houses. The best was Truman Capote in his lounge room- check out the patchwork quilt over his knees and the Japanese fabrics on the wall and cushions- how NOW!


  1. that lounge room is genius
    with the proverbial capital 'G'
    now i'm going to have to fish out my "the power look" 70's men's interior book to find me an equivalent for HML...

  2. oh and by the way... yes, the book is just as dodgy as the title would suggest.

  3. may I see this book sometime soon? x


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