Friday, 12 September 2008

balmy nights

So I went out for a walk on this warm evening. 
I thought, surely, there would be something to photograph that would capture the mood. But no, nothing special. The evening was full of jasmine and gum blossom smells, the breeze warm.
25°C tomorrow apparently. Wish I had more Spring stock for the shop........


  1. yeah, the park smells SO amazing on the nightly walk home from the studio... Makes me happy to be home.

    Thanks so much for rack. Things are looking up.


  2. nothing beats that heady jasmine smell in inner city melbourne, it really is the start of the season of sexy wind...
    and if you're wondering what that sexy wind is just ask the kinkster.

  3. Me too on the Cherry Ripe front, I never quite knew why my Mum liked them so much but now I'm on the other side of 30 they are my favourite treat!
    I got one at Piedemontes during the week and was picking the coconut out of my teeth for the next hour-talk about value!


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