Saturday, 6 September 2008

strange being back in my own bed

I'm shopgirl today. 
The last few weeks have been deathly quiet in the shop, the weekday girls are starting to think people don't like them. After having draggingly slow Saturdays for a week or two everyone was out looking and browsing last Saturday, amazing how the sun brings everyone out from under their rocks. People were even a little chatty.
It's Father's Day tomorrow I believe. Do you think there are any fathers out there who have left a wishlist for a cushion or a clock from the Cottage? We had dads and kids in for Mother's Day under instructions as to where to go and what to get- it was very funny!
(Really I think I must do something to improve the ratio of 'gender specific' gifts. Hmmmmm. Thinking, thinking, thinking.)
How about a Swiss Army Blanket cushion or.................. a clock or a...................?

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  1. it might feel strange back in your bed, but we're glad to have you back!
    and i'm thinking maybe a crochet swiss army knife holder for dad


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