Monday, 15 September 2008

batten down the hatches

Well the wind has picked up here, they say it's going to be 100km/h- not as bad as Ike I know but still a bit blustery. (There was a great picture in the paper, taken from space, that I tried to find but checked out this website and there were lots of hurricane-from-space shots- amazing!)
The windows are rattling here and I can see the windows in the buildings opposite flex in and out as the reflections distort. A good day to be at home. I'm here working! Had retailers to meet, emails to send, store cupboards to sort! Really! It's true actually, I feel jumpy being home when I should be at the studio but sometimes the non-making side needs to be dealt with and that means a day at the Cottage. 
Hope Sleep Club aren't flying back from Steak and Kidney today, they won't be able to land.

1 comment:

  1. steak and kidney was fine...

    plane was a little bumpy though, and Melbourne felt really cold again when we got home... brrrr...


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