Tuesday, 16 September 2008


On the way out last night. Wind swept streets washed clean. 

I have too much to do. 
This freaks me out. 
OK feeling better now.

Soon to be mama, Andrea of Canadia, sent me through this link this morning. She thought it might put a smile on my dial- and it did. If you ever visit The Sartorialist (and like felines) then this one is for you. I like it a lot. The expressions on their faces are perfect.

Update- The Catorialist is going off! Everyone is getting in on the whole thing, I love that, when a parody really works!


  1. Great link - it put a smile on my face! Thanks.

    PS: Melbourne looks stunning, spring must be in town

  2. lovely meeting you on saturday, i've hung your quilt in the window, looks fantastic
    cheers cinti


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