Thursday, 18 September 2008


There was an amazing sunset tonight. I didn't get a chance to snap it but trust me it was a stunner, so you'll just have to put up with last night's. Dusk in Melbourne in Spring and Autumn always makes me nostalgic for sunsets in India in Winter. All moonstone and milk opal.
We may be in Spring here but it is still early days and the buds on most trees are only starting to swell. The Exhibition Gardens are still bare. Miss Magnolia is fully clothed now in that soft bright green of new leaves.
We haven't put the gloves away yet in the shop, the cool weather isn't totally over yet!
But I do wish I had my sh*t together over summer stock..........
As I keep saying 'too much to do'.

Which job to start is the problem.

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  1. now you've got me all misty over the indian sunsets, golden hazes thorugh the india gate in New Delhi, cool misty mountains in Himachal Pradesh, steamy green in Pondicherry and super dusty roof of the world in Ladahk...
    still Melbourne spring sunsets do have there charm, but this weather is doing my head in...


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