Monday, 22 September 2008

catch up

I've been feeling like I am falling behind on posting!

I have managed to get a few odd jobs that have been hanging over my head (for months) done though.

I put up the tension wire in the bedroom to hang the patchwork quilt I use as a curtain. It has been suspended from a couple of nails, now I can pull it right back and yesterday I got to lie on the bed with a Georgette Heyer crime novel (they are hilariously funny and really well written), a packet of beetroot chips (you gotta try these- fantastico!), the window open and blue sky outside. I did forget to go to the Northcote Festival however- ooops.

A new batch of Owlettes has hatched and they are sitting in baskets in the shop. Please come and adopt one! The chirping when they need to be fed and keeping up with the regurgitating of food to feed them is driving us insane.


And the possum sock monkeys are finished! Cheeky monkeys! (Well half of the batch are finished- the rest are sitting dismembered on the couch......)

And a new run of Shibori bracelets.

And two new styles of bags made from vintage linens, lined in cotton ticking, limited in number depending on the fabric.
And new clocks.
And new stock coming! 
Special things commissioned today and arriving in a couple of weeks!
Something special from overseas! 
Let you know when it all happens!

Note to self- Gotta stop using exclamation marks, makes me look like a complete twat!


  1. I agree on the beetroot chips topic, they are addictive! And theoretically healthy too.

  2. Lampshade!


    The exclamation thing is quite exhausting, isn't it?

  3. those bags, tops!
    georgette heyer - well you know i'm completely on board!
    and beetroot anything - and i'm there!!!
    also excessive use of exclamation marks! so with you!!!

  4. Love the little owlettes and the blog. Disapprove of little people. Will definitely have to visit the shop sometime soon. Cheers.


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