Friday, 5 September 2008

i ran away

Just like this time last year, I ran away.
Being a virgo makes it impossible to birthday in a way everyone expects you to. (You know what I mean don't you Madame du Barry?) We like to run away and hide. Sometimes we think surprise parties would be the way to go but then we would have to let other people organise them........ Having had my drinkin'/smokin'/partyin' gland surgically removed and my beer-goggles confiscated I just can't do all that good-time gal stuff anymore. I've gone all shy and retiring.
So off to Tasma House in Daylesford for a bit of quiet time.
A problem though.
When I was growing up we never really had family holidays. If we did have a 'holiday' it involved driving long distances. The whole point was the travelling. Watching landscapes roll by. It genetic, my brother is the same. I find it meditative (I feel like that car ad with the guy flying along), deserted road, paddocks and sky. I see patterns and colours and love getting lost and weaving my way along country roads. Yeah, I know really restful........

But I get to see things. Rows of blossoming trees in Smeaton. Green, green grass between Avoca and Dunolly. Big clouds and black velvet cows at Franklinford.

Yes, there is something to  be said for sitting still. 
And there is something to be said for watching the world rush by.


  1. 'Happy Happy'
    I didn't realise you are a virgo too! I'm on cusp virgo/libra, and being a footy chick mine kind of gets swallowed up by grand final, especially if collingwood is in it! Hope you had a good one x

  2. Too funny!

    Yes, letting other people plan parties is so trying because somehow this involves letting go of control, doesn't it....AAAARGH !!

    This Virgo slightly (!) micromanaged her dh's birthday dinner for her...and got grumpy because He Didn't Get Her A Card!


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