Friday, 26 April 2013

when I grow up I want to be iris apfel

So I have ordered big oval-y round-y glasses in jade green. Channelling Iris Apfel (I wish, mine aren't quite so round)! Hopefully I will be able to see better very soon.
My neighbours did their 3am party again and I have resorted to emailing their landlord. Heehee.
I sent yesterday dyeing gloves and watching 'Smuggler' on my iPad in between the dyepot stirring and bread kneading. Jethro dislikes the iPad now and will stand in front of it as he does if I watch TV or knocks it over like he used to do with the Iphone 3 and 4 (he's blasé about the 5).
OK. Better get moving. I have just found out I have a stall at this Sunday's Camberwell Market and on top of today's work and tomorrow's shopgirl duty I have to do a huge sort out as to what I can fit in the car (and pack the car and get organised). Crap, why did I book it?! Freakin' out!


  1. Love your glasses Pen!
    Hope you make a killing on you stall.
    I have been cleaning out massively this week but can't be arsed with a stall.... So off to the op shop it all goes.

  2. Good luck at the market! How exciting. I hope you get enough sleep with the neighbour and have loads of really friendly customers.


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