Saturday, 13 April 2013

a nearly week

It's been a right 'nearly there' of a week this week, stock nearly finished, supplies nearly arriving, things nearly going wrong/right, winning $13 Powerball instead of $30,000,000... you know what I mean.
I've had people coming in to check out the new bags I've been working on but they aren't finished because I still can't find the bloody slot punch and the new one I bought is useless. I know the punches are in two yoghurt containers but I can only find one and it is the one without the slot punch. So annoying I could squeal and stamp my foot in frustration. Hunting for it last night (again) just made me realise how much cleaning and sorting I need to do. The big room upstairs is just too ridiculous for words.
I've booked two weeks of stalls at Camberwell Market and am hoping to make it 3 weeks, there is a huge clean out due to happen. Since I booked I've been looking around thinking 'you can go... and you...', I have so many vintage-y goodies that need culling it is quite overwhelming. I need to sort, transfer it all to the studio, sort it there again and then wait until the end of June to load the car. So far away! There is going to be some seriously good stuff leaving the building, stay tuned.
We've had heaps of new glove stock go out to the shops we supply in the last week. I should make some time to re-vamp the blog and update things, ah, the never-ending chores. Tomorrow I will have to go back onto dyeing duty to catch up again. Yesterday an aurora alert came through for this weekend, I won't lie, I checked plane departures and prices but due to the lack of stand in shopgirls I would be breakfasting in Hobart right now. Dell assures me I will get another chance soon but I was sad for a minute or two there. It has always been my dream to be able to just jump on a plane on a whim and run away.
I'm waiting for the postman to deliver all the new supplies I've ordered but best of all this week my Mister Finch moth arrived. She's resting on the doily branches behind the door so if you look carefully even when we are closed you can see her. We are hoping she will frighten off any other moths in the area. Jethro used her antennas as a whisker comb and then a toothbrush so she has had to be put out of chewing reach.
It's been an early start this morning with a furry housemate sitting on the bedside table saying 'ummmmm'  at the crack of dawn. He never meows doing this, just makes this silly annoying noise and shifts his weight slightly so the wood creaks under him. Subtle and intensely annoying. I've raced out, picked up papers and bread (no Beatrix today) and even went up to the studio to patch the arse on another pair of jeans that I wanted to wear today. I could really do with a nap now.
Time to get moving again.
I'm the (reluctant) shopgirl today. The little enamel teapots are back in stock in blue, cream and white, there is a new big and colourful Ann afghan in, the Oleana knits are looking lovely and inviting, I've made a few more leather granny purses and there are more on the way, the gloves are walking out the door and you better be quick and come and grab your Slade wool cardis and sweaters.
Roll on Autumn!

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