Saturday, 27 April 2013

slowly slowly

I really need to do something about the state of my photos. I'm not using the best of them I feel. Perhaps Instagram is sucking the best from me, I need to be more slow and considered.
Anyway enough of the pondering for today, there is lots to do.
Before I open the shop today I need to get this written and posted and then finish up the handles on the new batch of 'ammo' bags that I have been working on this week. The bags would have been finished yesterday (or earlier) but this week I've been feeling like I was pushing against a forcefield/raging wind/marshmallow (you know what I mean) and everything just took forever to do. I think being in the shop today will be a nice relax before I head up to the studio tonight to load stuff intot he car for a very early start in the morning and off to Camberwell Market before even sparrow's fart, I'll probably even be too early for the hot air balloons. Warning: there is one pair of hand painted Dala clogs going off to the market tomorrow....... How much will I be able to fit in the hatchback?
I did manage to get a few scarves knitted before I pulled the plug on the studio yesterday. I washed and dried two last night ready for the shop today but I am thinking of dyeing the rest which I might get around to tomorrow afternoon (ha, sleeping more like!). They are an angora/alpaca/wool mix that washes up supper soft and snuggly, like a warm cloud around your neck. Oh, and we had new postcards printed this week, now we have a range of patchwork cards. The jacket made from the top right one is living overseas now and the big coat made from the top left left the shop yesterday with a new owner. I have a few more quilt tops left and must make them up soon.
I better get these handles made. I'll post the new bags over on FB and IG in a little while. Next week I must pull my finger out, we are low on wheat bags and people keep asking for hot water bottle covers, there is more dyeing to do and scarves to knit, more purses and bags to make and lets not even mention those cushions that need zips and stuffing.
See you at Camberwell Market in the morning... and apologies if I am grumpy but I should still be in bed!

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