Wednesday, 10 April 2013

round two

Morning all.
I've already been out, taken the car to have its muffler replaced, was meant to take two hours and I had plans for wandering about in Abbortsford but now won't be ready until this afternoon, so have dropped back to shop/home for half an hour to type this out and maybe lie on the bed for 10 minutes. Then off to the studio until the call comes through and I hop back on the trams to pick the car up and pay hundreds of dollars. At least it will be a bit quieter than it has been, I have been calling it my 'sports model Pulsar' for some time now.
I've started on a new run of purses and am revelling in all the foil leathers I've found over the last few months. Don't know why I have gotten so glitzy! It all has to go on hold though until the expensive posh zips arrive from overseas- they are so pretty though! If you follow on Instagram you know what I'm talking about! And yes I have been spending way to much time over there and letting things slide here. You know how it is. You know how it is, IG is just so damn easy and kind of slutty.
There has been lots of dashing about this week, delivering, ordering, getting stuff done. I've been to all sorts of strange places and I do love that sometimes out and about in Melbourne I stumble on little gems that make me feel I could be anywhere other than this little town. It refreshes me. Especially when I desperately need to take a mini-break somewhere green and fresh. I'm tired and shitty at the moment and need a change of scene, I also need to plan a week away before dear Dell leaves us to have her baby (squeals of excitement tempered with dread as to what I am going to do without her).
OK time for 10 minutes lying on my bed and then I will restart the day. Round 2. Ding ding.

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