Saturday, 20 April 2013

cat days and dognuts

Saturday. There is a snowy chill int he air but the sun is gloriously shining down. I've been out and back, eaten my Saturday Beatrix dognut (haven't had one for a couple of weeks) and have tea to sip, a post to write and a shop to tittify before we open for the day.
Now is the time that customers should be flocking in for angora gloves and wool sweaters and cardis but this first real batch of cooler weather seems to send everyone to ground. Perhaps as they aren't prepared with their woollies they can't venture out of their heated homes! Jethro is working on his Winter coat and his mane is very impressive at the moment, he's making his own fur onesie. Hopefully if USPS and Australia Post can get their act together we should have Lisa B socks again very soon. We are planning drops of her stock over the next few weeks, the first in are the spots and the argyles with a very special small batch of floral cashmere. I'll let you know as soon as they have arrived.
It's been a bit of a stop-start week. I managed to get heaps of Welsh blanket cushions done, finished and started work on more of the canvas ammo bags and the first order of pretty zips arrived for the metallic double zip purses. I think I worked a bit on auto-pilot in the studio this week, I didn't have the energy to think beyond studio stuff (no brain wizzing about, thinking of everything else) and it was all about the cutting and the sewing and the immediate making. April is a time for melancholic anniversaries for me and I often feel like I am in a vat of treacle at this time of the year. It's that light too, long and golden 'cat days' (the time of year when cats snooze behind glass) and I need to go for a drive and look at leaves changing colour.
Anyway, it's 10 and I need to shake a leg and get moving.
Come in and buy some woolly things and get prepared for Winter. I don't want to hear you all complaining in a few weeks time that you are cold and annoyed because you missed out on your size/colour in a lovely Slade knit. Be prepared people! You'll wake up one morning and those Cat Days will be over and the cold will have settled in.
Oh! And don't forget it's Independent Record Store Day today! Forget those digital download thingies and go buy the real thing, made and sold to you by real passionate people!

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