Wednesday, 24 April 2013

eye test

Morning all.
Haven't got very far this week sadly. The only time I've managed to get to the studio is to dump a whole car load of crap and then lock the door behind me. The studio is currently filling with even more detritus as I plan the big Camberwell Sunday Market Sell Off 2013, it's still a couple of months away but I am looking forward to lightening the load a little. I need to sort an area in the studio to store it all and plan what will be going each Sunday (yes, more than one stall!). We've also got Markit at Fed Square coming up so I need to get my work ethic on, it seems to be a little loose around the shoulders at the moment.
I'm off to the optometrist this morning to have my eyes checked. In the last year and a bit after the debacle at OPSM my eyes seem to be deteriorating a bit to fast for my liking. And I want new bigger coloured frames! Why are so many of the frames tiny and annoying? I remember Mum's huge owl-like 80s frames.... probably now being worn by hipsters somewhere in East Brunswick....
In other shop-py news, the first shipment of Lisa B socks in, spots and cables and limited edition floral  (which are selling out fast). More styles soon! Lisa's socks really are the bees' knees. And today I am picking up the new shop postcards, fingers crossed they are OK, more on them later.
I'm off to the studio after the eyes and the postcards to work on some new knitted scarf ideas and more prep work on the 'ammo' bags. We've sold two already and only have the smaller one left at the moment. I've also cut some in a fabulous brown leather, same type of leather as the black but in the chestnut it has amazing marks and antique-y colouring.
OK I'd better go now.
Wasting my morning away.
Oh and by the way, the shop will be closed tomorrow for ANZAC day.


  1. Oh my god I am so tempted to come in and have a look at everything, especially those socks!!!
    Middle age is catching up with me -- it is getting harder to thread needles and I am constantly (and embarrassingly) moving things away from me as I read them in an attempt to focus....A visit to OPSM is imminent but I am not looking forward to trying on glasses that will all be too small for my large head!!!!
    I hope you're well Miss Pen Pen -- sounds like you could do with a break.

    1. Silly small glasses everywhere.... which is why I went back to iSpex again!! I've got big Iris Apfel glasses on order.... two weeks to have them made... very excited! And they are jade green too!


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