Friday, 19 April 2013

busting and busted

My morning appointments have been cancelled and now I am playing 'lazy and time-wasting'. This is achieved by lying in bed reading FB and looking at pictures on IG whilst drinking tea. Now though I need to start busting a move on my Friday.
Really longing for a bit of R&R and fresh air if I am honest.
I did manage a mountain of Welsh blanket cushions this week. I loved the way they looked piled in the studio but I bagged them up and now they are in the shop, in a very messy display I must admit. I seem to have lost the knack for stacking them high!
The first lot of army ammunition and leather bags are finally finished and will be in the shop tomorrow. I was meant to work out prices last night but the couch and SBS food show Thursday kind of took over. I have also finished more metallic/lustre granny purses and should head off to the studio right now to work on the zip wallet thingies as the first batch of pretty-pretty zips has arrived.
Really dragging my feet today.
I'm busting a move.
I am.
Really I am......

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