Tuesday, 16 April 2013

so rivetting

Running a tad late this morning, not from sleeping in (well a little bit perhaps) but from emailing, pressing gloves, banging rivets in, that sort of thing.
After last weeks annoying missing tools, wrong sized rivets etc, I have almost managed to finish the handles for the new canvas and leather bags. What a falafel of a process. I managed to find rivets of the right length but had to antique them up myself and the new slot punch has no edge on it but found I had another in the tool box that worked ok. Like I said, a right falafel of a working process.
Mondays are currently a weird old day. I wish they were my Sunday but I seem to spend them dashing about and get tied up in stuff. Nothing ever very important but always fiddly. I did manage two lots of dyeing late yesterday afternoon, helped by Jethro who kept nicking my stool as soon as I got up to stir the dyepot. We now have 'raspberry' and 'polenta'.
Now I am off to the haby wholesaler to pick up a zip order so I can get some work done.
It is exceedingly autumnal out there so maybe breakfast/lunch on the way. Jethro has already passed out in the bedroom in a pool of sunshine. By the way new Oleana knits arrived yesterday and they are stunning!
Gotta go!

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