Saturday, 6 April 2013

busy busy bee

I'm typing with sticky cream cheese-y Beatrix doughnut-y fingers this morning. I've raced around this morning doing my errands, making deliveries, organising stuff. I need a tea and a minute or five of quiet now. My typing is slowing down. I'm relaxing back into the day. And it is a beautiful day out there today! Melbourne Autumn you are lovely when you turn on the soft hazy light.
So anyway.
Yesterday was flat out busy with wholesale going out and a huge reaction to the Oleana stock. I had errands to do and not one got done so they have now been moved over to the Monday run. I also now need to get more stock made, I think a sit down and plan time is due. We also went up to Finders/Keepers last night for a gander, visited lots of friends briefly or waved at them as they dealt with customers. I'm in the (relative) safety of the shop today, I hope people filtering down from the Exhibition Buildings don't make me cry like the Sunday of the Big Design Market (oh my, they were so nasty!) and if you are in the 'hood pop on in.
Our 'Who Gives a Crap' toilet paper has arrived! I'm not sure if Jethro is more interested in the box than the contents but he did spend some time looking down the gaps between the rolls... perhaps he is looking for 'Cottage Industry' on the wrapper but I think he is pondering the human need to use something than one's tongue to clean one's nether regions. (OK that sounds much more wrong written down than it did in my head...... but I'm leaving that as it is and moving on.)
So anyway.
Time to go tinker with the shop, winkle Jethro out of his bunk hide-y hole and wake myself up.
I'll be opening the door at 11am... as usual!

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  1. so funny. love your style. hope finders keepers flock weren't mean. I really want to visit your shop one day, hope I can soon.


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