Friday, 22 March 2013

you're the (quilt)tops

I'm being very naughty at the moment and not setting the alarm, allowing myself to wake up 'naturally'... ha. Late is more like it but my weird dreams and wakefulness at odd hours are the cause. I am looking forward to Easter a little bit of sleepy-in-ness.I'm meant to be dyeing gloves and renovating  the kitchen that long weekend..... I think the renovating bit might go on hold again.
Yesterday was a very hard day to work. I was so bone weary but I got through the day and made a huge dint in the patchwork quilt top sewing pile. I have two really lovely cocoon jackets to finish today and then I'll move on to the next bit of work that needs doing. And the bit after that and the.... I've been quite blown away by the response to the quilt top range on both instagram and facebook, thanks folks for liking then, I get worried sometimes that I do things that aren't going to be appreciated!
And to go back to the subject of Easter, we still have lovely papier mache eggs- although the bowl of them is much lower than it was, it's funny when you notice the tide going out- and there is only a few of the slightly crazed needle felt bunnies left. Oh and the shop will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday too.
I better go. I've to get to the printers, the haberdashery wholesalers and pick up some dyes before I get to the studio and do some work. I see Jethro is still in bed, lazy little furchild.

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