Saturday, 30 March 2013

the morning of lost things

What a morning!
I got up when it was dark to be awake to buy this, stumbled back to bed, dreamed awful fitful dreams, got up, raced out the door, lost one of my beautiful silver, gold and ruby earrings under into the freezer cabinet at Piedmonte's supermarket whilst choosing ice cream (that'll learn me) and then stepped in a huge pile of dog poo when I went over to feed Ferdy and Pele as I have been on mutt duty. Just wondering what the third thing will be..... 1. lost earring, 2. poo 3. ?
This time I really mean it. Can we start the day again?I suppose there is the old adage 'it can only get better/worse', which will it be I wonder. I now need to decide on another pair of shoes and get myself cleaned up.
By the way we are open today, 11am until 5pm, for all your Easter needs! Be quick for the ceramic bunnies, they are getting low and although we catch them in compromising positions they don't seem to be breeding.
I pulled out the beautiful hand knitted children's mittens and fingerless gloves yesterday (the mittens are hand knitted not the children) and we have the 'wall o'mitts' back up, bring on Autumn and Winter! I spent yesterday overhauling the dye vats and then managed 3 double and 2 single batches of glove dyeing. Finally! Only two months late, mind you who cares with the hot hot heat we've had. It better be a real Winter, I need my bones chilled.
Anyways me friends, I better get cracking, although I'd rather get 'crackling' (slightly obsessed by crispy pork belly at the moment) and get the vacuuming done and if I'm lucky I might get to lie down for 5 minutes before I open the shop.
Come visit!
Oh and I need to dig out an earring, I am feeling unbalanced.

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