Saturday, 23 March 2013

eye bags and baked goods

Dear New Neighbour,
I just thought I'd drop you a line this morning to let you know that I understand moving into a suburb like Fitzroy can be a heady experience. There are bars and pubs and you can overdose on the fun a little, sleeping in on the weekend is definitely on order! Before I forget, thanks so much for the fabulous singing at 4.30 this morning and I was so sad when it finally stopped at 6am! I am of course jumping to conclusions that it was 'singing' as I can not work out how you could possibly have got a bull up the stairs to be neutered.
Anyway I hope you don't mind if I come around and ring your doorbell in the next 15 minutes to convey these wishes in person, I'm sure you will be up and bright eyed as I am sure you need a meagre four hours sleep, crazy young thing that you are!
All the best

I managed about an hour and a a half sleep after all that, fraught with dreams that they were partying out the back and then broke into my house to party some more. Not happy. And very very tired. I'm hoping to stay fuelled on baked goods from Beatrix, please be gentle with me.

So some work got done this week and some ended up in the 'almost finished' basket. The patchwork garments are all done for now, one coat, 8 skirts, two over tops and two cocoon jackets. It's funny but this range was started over three years ago and suddenly people seem to 'get it'. It's like the 'Harvest Smocks', whilst some people (mainly friends) understood this garment, it has taken until this year for them to walk out the door, another three year cycle. And the same with our vintage wool/velvet/scarf quilts. Dell and I were joking that I should make things and then lock them away in the cupboard. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised in that future forecasting was part of what I used to do in my past life.
I do have to say the response on Facebook and Insta has blown me away, thanks to everyone for being so nice about the quilt top stuff. I wish I had more of it stashed away but I am running to the end of it at the moment. We've photographed it all though and I am playing with digitally printing some of the panels, stay tuned!
So the knitwear is all in, the Easter eggs  and bunnies are out, I'm starting dyeing gloves tomorrow and the sky is grey outside at the moment... roll on Autumn! I had better go vacuum as the autumn crud is starting to blow under the door and the magnolia's leaves are starting to dry off and clack in the breeze.


  1. OMG I am could hear me singing all the way from East Sussex? Wow! Just singing a new free-form kinda number about my new patchwork cocoon jacket that I will be sporting at this year's 100th Chelsea Flower Show!!! Woohoo! That's all I've got to say about that....Oh and it was only 3.30 in the afternoon here, I must make a note of the time difference...note to self: Take bull to china shop next time...

  2. The patchwork tops are brilliant! I often buy things and start wearing them 3 years later.

    There is a specific silicon-ish earplug that I highly recommend, especially if you warm it in your hand, shape it into a cone and stuff it as far as feels safe in your ear.


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