Friday, 15 March 2013

sale away

I have so much to do in the studio at the moment and seem to just flit from one thing to another. A bit of last Friday and some of yesterday were spent chopping skirts out of vintage quilt tops. Not quite sure what I should be working on at the moment. The skirts aren't quite ready to go into the Cottage yet as I slacked off last night and didn't handstitch the hems. Soon.
Oh my god, one of our locals is standing outside my window coughing his lungs out, I think I may be sick....
Anyway sorry for that interruption.
Today is the last day of the cotton cardi/Mexican clothing sale so come on down before 6pm. Tonight I'll be getting the wool cardis and sweaters out, priced and one the racks, it's a big job but as it will be a joyful 22ÂșC forecast I think it is time! We have some lovely colours in and..... anyway I'll talk about that tomorrow. Saturday again, the problem with long weekends they come around too fast.
I managed to sleep in this morning thanks to the cooler nights. Jethro has taken to sleeping with me again and I think he is attempting to get an intense human contact fix after the heatwave, the bedroom is still quite warm though and he is overheating me and then gets annoyed if a move around in bed. He can get quite stroppy.
Better dash, I'm running late already and I still have to drag Jethro out from under the bunk. He came out of his own accord yesterday which means we will probably have a contrary cat today.
Remember last day of the SALE!

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