Tuesday, 19 March 2013

application (lack of)

As you can tell I've been playing with a frame app.
And way too much instagram.
I'm sure some people follow me just to see photos of Jethro and some people are quietly cursing another cat photo.... hell's bells, he's just so photogenic.
So most of Sunday was spent sorting the kitchen ready for the dye-a-thon but strangely it all looks just as crowded and disorganised, there are boxes and bags of gloves everywhere. The soap is three quarters of the way ready to go into the shop (packaging to go) and I need to make more and get it curing.
I finally finished sewing the hems on the patchwork skirts and they are hanging on the rack. The Slade knits started walking out the door as soon as they were unpacked on Saturday and there is now a couple of colours/styles/sizes sold out (a lot in stock though) so if you are wanting to buy for the cooler weather don't leave it until it's too late. We also have some very beautiful knitwear arriving very soon, patterned and super gorgeous but I'll let you know all about that when it arrives.
I'm running late for the studio. It was meant to be an early day today but these autumnal mornings are so nice for lolling about. What will I work on today?


  1. there seems to be so much going into the Cottage at the moment! I must come in for a squiz at that patchwork coat - looks amazing! RBx

  2. Good Luck Penny with the dye-a-thon. I'm sure you will be happy when it's completed. Look forward to some pics of the new knits arriving soon


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