Saturday, 9 March 2013

sacrificing summer for the return of autumn

So very worn down by this hot weather, it was 34.5ºC in the studio at about 3pm when I threw in the towel (literally). I'd been making up the tapestry pouffés and managed to turn a full bag of beanbag beans upside down, I ended up with 'snowdrifts' of them and was dripping with sweat by the time I'd cleaned up as much of them as I could, they will keep appearing for months I know, pesky little things.
It was a very busy afternoon and a huge delivery day in the shop yesterday, Easter knickknacks and autumnal knits,customers dodging boxes and stock taking over the counter. The Easter goodies I might save for another post I think, although if you are Instagram you know what they are already! The Slade Winter stock arrived too and needs to be unpacked but I worry if I put them out people will see wool and run away screaming whilst this hot weather continues. Because we have more days of this stinking 30º+ hot hot heat and we need to make some room we thought we'd have a mini SALE, like a Summer sacrifice to bring on Autumn. So the sacrificial lambs are the last of the Slade Summer cotton knits and our beautiful Mexican and Guatemalan dresses and tops and belts. And the deal is 20% off if  you buy one and 30% off if you buy 2 or more. I hate having sales (except when we have a studio sale and one of those will be happening soonish) but I need the room for all our Winter goodies! It starts today and will end at 6pm on Wednesday as they are forecasting it will be a bit cooler by Thursday. So if you have been wanting a Frida or Sophie dress or a lovely cotton cardi now is the time! No laybys, holds or exchanges on this stock and we have limited colours and sizes on some styles.... sorry! We can mail if you are interstate, in the country or incapacitated! Just give us a call at the shop.

Other things to do today (short notice sorry).....
It's the Bikefest Village Picnic down at the Abbortsford Convent today and the Chutney Club has been invited to hold a Preserves Competition. You can take your chutneys, relishes and preserves down to be judged. I think it will be a tasting hoot and I wish I could be there for it! I suggest if you want to be cheeky take down some baguette and cheese to go with the relishes and have a delicious bikerider's lunch!
I'm now popping over to FaceGram to post about the sale. I'm sure this virtual world is sucking the lifeforce from me..........

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  1. Thank you for the sacrifice! Hope it works .
    Even my hot weather loving girl is sick of it. Hot weather is great for people who can loll about but for the rest of us..... Eeeew.


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