Wednesday, 13 March 2013

prize ribbons

I am sure every local blog, fb and insta this morning will be revelling in the joys of the cool change. My house is still putrid and I feel like my body is exuding heat but every window and door is open and I even have a fan propped in front of the upstairs window pulling cool air in. The studio will be absolutely foul and I am avoiding it for the moment.
In less weather related ramblings, I won the Chutney Club taste off with my pomegranate (2nd prize) and blood orange (1st prize) jellies, neither of which I ever got to try as only a couple of jars were made of each-  suck shit Royal Ag Show, I'd much rather win Chutters! Check out the prize ribbons!! And on Sunday our vintage espadrille cushions were in the Sunday Age mag. The rest of the long weekend was spent on the couch in front of the fan.
In our mini SALE news which was meant to finish today butI think we will keep it going until Friday, then on Friday evening I put all the woolly Slade stock out ready for Saturday, forecast is for 22º which seems perfect for cardis and sweaters. And I really really need to start dyeing those angora gloves! Orders are starting to come in!
OK better get cracking with my day. Roll on Autumn!

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