Saturday, 16 March 2013

wool, patchwork and birds

I really really didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Luckily I set the alarm as I think today I would definitely have overslept and then I would have been even more of a mess come shop time. I opened the curtains to find drizzle, perhaps that was why I was so sleep. I've done my morning errands (including Beatrix for Nat's amazing brioche doughnuts, an occasional Saturday treat) and now I just have this to write, a bit of vacuuming and moving a pile of boxes before opening time. Bet I run late. 
I unpacked all the wintery Slade wool sweaters and cardis and hung them all up, the colours are beautiful. Yes Autumn, I love you. There is coral (also known in the business as 'light red') and jade and ultramarine and fuchsia and...... lovely lovely woolly goodness! I've ordered extra size 8s and 10s because they always sell out so fast but we don't carry huge amounts of stock so I suggest you come in quick sticks and pick up some for the colder weather. We also have a beaded twin-set style cardi too this year! In smart smart black. 
This week has been all about the quilt tops and patchwork and I finished a oversized cocoon coat yesterday made from one of my favourite pieces. This is is longer version of the cocoon jacket we have done in the past and is a variation on the 'Harvest Smock' pattern that we regularly play with. I think it will be a brave person who buys this piece I have to admit but I think on the right person it will look stunning. The lining is a mix of hankie check cotton and flower print lawn. 
Also this week I got to make up the sample budgies! The fabric arrived and I was very excited! There will be more coming and hopefully this weekend I might get a chance to photograph some more of our budgie models. Who' s a pretty boy then?
Oh! And half of our new enamel order arrived yesterday! We now have larger tea pots, new kettles, dripping containers (can be used for things other than meat fat!), mugs and rice cooker billies. I'm excited about the tea pots as they are the same as my own favourite one... and our tea cosies look fabulous on them! More enamel stock coming soon, including beakers, pie tins and baking trays and  saucepans too.
Time to dash. I still have facebook to sort (bloody Pages still won't let me post from my phone....) and those bloody cardboard boxes to move.

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