Thursday, 28 March 2013

egg related

Another week of 'not a lot achieved', a little bit ill, a lot a bit VCAT objection writing (hearing is this afternoon, wish us luck), a bit of kitchen renovation, two days of heat and a short Easter holiday week equals 3 hours in the studio yesterday. I did manage to finish a shoe dress in size 4/14 and sewed up a small flock of budgie cushions. Oh how the budgies make me smile! We now have them facing to the left and facing to the right.... face-off!
I've been meaning to let you know that we will be closed Good Friday (HCB Day), Easter Sunday and Monday. I will have the shop open on Saturday though so please drop in. We have some ceramic rabbits still available, a little hill of the beautiful papier mache eggs and a couple of the hilarious needle felt bunnies. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will revolve around glove dyeing. Fingers crossed as I am so far behind on them.
Anyway, hope your weekend brings you fruit bun goodness, chocolate in various shapes and a well earned afternoon nap!
(I'll probably post on Saturday morning as usual!)

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